un·der·steer  (ndr-stîr)
To turn less sharply than the operator would expect. Used of vehicles, especially automobiles.

understeer.com  (ndr-stîr dt km)
Welcome to understeer.com. This site is brought to you by BMW enthusiasts from the Columbus, Ohio area. The goal of understeer.com is to showcase local modified BMWs and to help you with your own BMW through technical write-ups and by offering the finest in performance parts. If you are in the Columbus area ( or anywhere in the world!) and would like help upgrading or maintaining your BMW, you've come to the right place.

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Tired of waiting and waiting for your (supposedly in stock) UUC items to ship from other vendors (or from UUC themselves)? Order with confidence at understeer.com! If a UUC item is listed as IN STOCK, it is guaranteed to be IN STOCK and ready to ship. Your order will ship within two business days, not "the middle of next week" or "in a few days". We're currently stocking most UUC Evo3 SSKs and other popular UUC items. Don't forget, we also offer free ground shipping on all UUC parts (except brake rotors and exhausts) over $100!

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Tech Write Ups / How-Tos
- The stock waterpump in '92-'96 325/328/M3 is a ticking timebomb, replace it NOW!
- Steering feeling loose? Does your steering wheel shake when you hit the brakes, but rotors didn't fix it?
- Did your window glass just fall in to the door? Here's how to fix it.
- How to fix that sagging glovebox door.....NOW!!!
- How to add a lip spoiler to a M3 style front bumper
- How to jack up the front of a lowered BMW
- How to do the famous fan mod
- How to install an x-brace
- How to install a short throw shift lever / Cheap SSK
- How to make your own weighted selector rod for $5!
- How to make your aftermarket alarm double-lock your doors
- How to replace a faulty seat belt latch aka "Sick of looking at that SRS light?"
- How to install Koni inserts in E36 M3 strut housings
- How to wire up E36 Euro ellipsoid headlights in US cars

Stromung Exhaust Systems
understeer.com is proud to offer Stromung exhaust systems for your BMW. Stromung builds exhaust systems for many BMW models using all stainless steel construction. The result is a long lasting exhaust that offers increased horsepower, reduced weight and great looks. Because they build their own exhausts in house they can offer more options than many other exhaust companies such as the choice of staggered or equal length tips on their E36 M3 system. Stromung exhausts have a smooth deep exhaust tone that sounds powerful at wide open throttle, yet they don't drone while cruising. Order your Stromung exhaust on our on-line store.

M3 Stromung Exhaust Videos:
M3 on the Dyno (10.9MB)
M3 Driving By (7.9MB)
M3 Behind (12.0MB)
M3 Revving Up (1.9MB)
M3 Running Out of Parking Lot FAST! (4.4MB)
M3 In Car (8.2MB)

318ti Stromung Exhaust Videos:
318ti Driving By (3.6MB)
318ti Driving By (1.9MB)
318ti In Car (3.7MB)
318ti Behind (6.2MB)

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