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Hawk HPS Brake Pads - complete set (front and rear)

Hawk Performance HPS Road/Sport disc brake pads are designed for sports cars, coupes and sedans used for high speed driving or that may encounter repetitive heavy braking. Hawk Performance HPS Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads provide advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience. This unique compound combines the safety and quality of Aerospace design partnered with the braking technology of Motorsports.

Hawk Performance HPS pads offer 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most original equipment or standard replacement pads. This makes them more responsive and durable than most standard original brakes and makes Hawk Performance HPS pads the first …and least expensive…way to increase the stopping power of your BMW.

As standard brake pads wear, brake dust is released as the friction material wears in everyday braking. Hawk Performance HPS brake pads are formulated to run cleaner and release extremely low levels of dust in normal street driving.

Key Features and Benefits of Hawk Performance HPS brake pads:
- High friction/torque hot or cold
- Gentle on rotors
- Very quiet, low noise
- Improved braking over OE pads
- Extended pad life

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Hawk HP+ Brake Pads - $185/set (front and rear)

Hawk HP Plus Sport/Track disc brake pads are designed for sports cars, coupes and sedans for sport driving in autocross, Solo II and many “track day” applications. Additionally, the Hawk Performance HP Plus Ferro-Carbon compound can take the heat at the track and get you home safely without having to change your brake pads in and out. This compound was designed for the serious street and autocross enthusiast.

Warning! Due to the dramatic friction levels produced by this product to achieve "race-level" braking, rotor wear, noise, dust, and pad life may be affected.

The high friction level of Hawk HP Plus pads will be more responsive than most standard original brakes and their high resistance to brake fade makes them a superb upgrade for high performance streetcars used in competition, for high speed driving or that encounter repetitive heavy braking.

Hawk HP Plus Features:
- Extremely high friction output
- Suitable for autocross events
- Race worthy for club racing
- Elevated temperature resistance

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Add UUC SS Brake Lines -

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UUC Rotors

Slots are stress-relieved, do not extend through to edge of rotor.

Directional slotting for improved effectiveness and aesthetics.

Minimum thickness markings on every rotor for quick maintenance checks.

Correct retaining screw position.

Heat dam provides maximum protection from heat transfer to wheel hub.
The Ultimate OE-type replacement brake rotors for BMWs
  Available for:
328, 325, 323, 323, 318
(M3 coming soon!)
328, 325, 323, 318
(M3 and 330 coming soon!)
(M Roadster/Coupe coming soon!)

What makes the best brake rotors?
Details, details, details, and value! UUC Ultimate OE-size replacement rotors are slotted, plated, and manufactured using the best techniques and materials.

Slotting: there are many reasons to slot rotors. Primarily, slotting aids in removal of water and debris on the rotor surface, evacuation of hot pad "off gassing" vapor, and provides a visual wear indicator

Details: These slots do not extend all the way to the edge of the rotor for a very specific reason; this maintains the structural integrity of the rotor. Other brands with slots all the way to the end have created "stress risers" where cracking may develop. No such problem exists with this design. Additionally, directional slotting enhances effectiveness.
NO DRILLING! Drilled holes in rotors often used for "show" are prone to cracking and catastrophic failure. The holes create stress risers which will lead to this sort of failure. Additionally, drilled holes do not improve cooling, rotary-vane rotors lose efficiency when drilled because cooling air does not not pass through the rotor circumferentially but is instead prematurely evacuated by the holes..

Plating: Multi-stage plating resists unsightly corrosion on the rotor hub and unswept areas of the rotor face.

Precision: due to the ultra-precise tolerances used for run-out, parallelism, and surface flatness, absolutely no pre-installation machining is required for smooth operation without vibration or shimmy.

Manufacturing details:

  • Meets SAE standards for brake rotor iron.
  • Alloying: Copper and Chromium added to achieve specific hardness and tensile strength.
  • Precision-controlled cooling during the casting process creates a uniform distribution of graphite flakes, thus increasing wear resistance and the ability to dissipate heat. In contrast, premature cooling of cast iron can cause iron brittleness, thus making the brake rotor more likely to warp or crack, especially when overheated under hard braking conditions.
  • Run-out less than .004".
  • Parallelism of machined surfaces within .0005" tolerance.

  • Slotted Front Rotors -
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    slotted Rear Rotors -
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    UUC Stainless Steel Brake Lines

    6-Line Set

    4-Line Set

    DOT Compliant

    Plastic Coated

    E46 Lines

    E46 Line Flanges

    "Performance tune" your braking system
    Original brake lines are rubber and can expand under the normal pressure of use. This expansion of the brake line negatively affects the brake caliper piston travel, and makes for mushy pedal feedback.

    UUC's Stainless Steel Brake lines are used to "performance tune" your braking system.

    Inner Teflon® line is covered with woven stainless steel braid that will not expand under pressure. The advantages include better brake pedal feedback and a firmer pedal, along with superior brake modulation. Results will be immediate.

    Technical features:

  • fully compliant with DOT Standards (MVSS-1006)
  • lines burst-tested to 6000psi (maximum tested pressure from a BMW braking system is 1200psi)
  • Teflon® inner line covered with a woven layer of stainless steel and covered in an abrasion-resistant material (translucent blue plastic covering).
  • plastic end pieces protect assembly, no exposed steel fibers to stick fingers
  • SSBL-6-1000 fits:

  • 3-series 1992-1999 E36 - M3, 328, 325, 318 (includes ti)
  • M5 1988
  • M6 1987-1989
  • SSBL-6-1001 fits:

  • E30 M3/325 (all iS/i/e/eS)
  • '90-'91 318 models
  • SSBL-6-1001IX fits:

  • E30 325ix
  • SSBL-4-1001 fits:

  • '84-'85 318 models
  • SSBL-6-Z3 fits:

  • Z3 3.0i, 2.5i, 2.8, 2.5, 1.9 models
  • SSBL-4-Z3CR fits:

  • Z3 M-Coupe/Roadster models
  • SSBL-4-2 fits:

  • E46 323/325/328/330/M3 1999-2005
  • SSBL-6-9093-1 fits:

  • E90/E92/E93 3-series and M3 (2007-2012) (all coupe/sedan/wagon models) - non-AWD only
  • SSBL-E90XI fits:

  • E90/E92/E93 335Xi, 330Xi, 325Xi (2007-2012) - AWD only
  • SSBL-4-39 fits:

  • '97-'98 E39 5-speed modes
  • SSBL-6-39 fits:

  • '99-'04 E39 5-speed models
  • UUC SS Brake Line Set - $125
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    E46/E36 - In Stock - ships in 1 - 2 business days

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    UUC - Brake Arm Bushings - $20

    Fits all 2005-1982 3-series (E46, E36, E30), all 2006-1989 5-series (E60, E39, E34), all Z3, Z4, and other models.

    Got a BMW with a squeaky brake pedal arm driving you insane? Is it also sloppy, and slipping to the side?

    Quite simply, it is well-known that BMW's original brake arm bushings are the culprit for these annoying problems. You can lubricate, replace, curse, even murmur obscure voodoo prayers - but none of that will work.

    The Solution:
    By simply replacing the stock bushings with the UUC Motorwerks Brake Arm Bushings (made from self-lubricating UHMW*) you can permanently get rid of that annoying squeak and the side-slop.

    $20 per set is an inexpensive way to keep your sanity.

    * UHMW possesses a unique combination of physical and mechanical properties which enable it to perform well under the most rigorous conditions of wear and environment. It has the highest known impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made, plus high resistance to abrasion against a wide variety of metals. These properties make UHMW an exceptional material for industrial impact, wear and sliding operations.

    In Stock - ships in 1 - 2 business days

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