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Waterpump Thread Cap Nut - $15

If you've put together your own fan delete kit or you have an E36 or E46 that came from the factory with no engine driven fan ('96+ 318, E46 325, etc) then you'll love this part. When exposed to water the threads that normally attach a fan clutch rust and look ugly. This black anodized aluminum cap nut covers up those rusty threads for a clean look. Note: a cap nut is included with the fan delete kit.
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E36 Fan Delete Kit - $100

Eliminate the engine driven fan on any E36 323, 325, 328, M3, Z3 (pre-9/98 2.8L and '98-'00 3.2L) or '92-'95 318. Special lower temperature fan switch and thermostat allow you to safely run only the auxiliary electric fan. Removing the engine driven fan will free up horsepower lost to parasitic drag and eliminates the possibility of radiator, hose, wiring and hood damage due to fan blade contact if you experience a broken belt, failed water pump, radiator hold down or engine mount. Kit includes: 80c thermostat, 80/88c fan switch, water pump thread cap nut (seen above), two bottles of Red Line Water Wetter, switch sealing ring, thermostat o-ring and profile gasket.

Please pick the appropriate kit based on the build date listed on the sticker in the driver side door jamb of your BMW. If your build date is 9/95 or 10/95, check your switch and compare it to the switches shown here, Switches: Pre 9/95 on Left - Post 10/95 on Right.
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E36 32X / M3 / Z3 Aluminum Thermostat Housing - $35
The stock thermostat housing on E36 323, 325, 328, M3 and Z3 (pre-9/98 2.8L and '98-'00 3.2L) engines are made out of a plastic that, over time, becomes brittle and can crack causing a coolant leak or overheating. This aluminum housing will not break due to over tightening of the bolts or hose clamps. Direct bolt in replacement.

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E36 32X / M3 / Z3 Water Pump - $125
If you're not 110% sure that your '92-'97 32X/M3 has had the original orange plastic water pump replaced, you should really consider replacing it. This genuine OE BMW water pump is the best pump available, don't settle for cheap knock-off "OEM" pumps that will fail in a few short months. Fits all E36 32X, M3 and Z3 (pre-9/98 2.8L and '98-'00 3.2L) models.
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UUC Underdrive Pulleys

UUC's underdrive pulleys reduce parasitic drag by reducing the speed of the water pump and power steering pulleys relative to the crank pulley speed. Each pulley set includes two new accessory pulleys and a new special length drive belt.

UUC Underdrive Pulleys - $199

UUC Underdrive Pullyes fit the following models:

  • '92-'99 E36 323/325/328/M3
  • '97-'02 Z3 2.5/2.8/3.0
  • '97-'00 MZ3
  • '99-'04 E46 323/325/328/330
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    UUC Oil Center - $100 - FREE SHIPPING!

    What's the Oil Center?
    When you get serious about your motor, you want to keep track of oil pressure and oil temperature. This is critical when using your car on the track and just plain cool on the street.

    Gauges are easy
    Many choices including VDO (OEM for BMW) that match your dash instruments are available. Mounting them is also easy using a dash panel or instrument pod.

    Where to get the information?
    Also easy - with the UUC Motorwerks Oil Center. This replacement oil filter lid is decorative as well as functional. Its handsome machined-aluminum design incorporates sensor ports for the appropriate pressure and temperature sender for the gauges. It is also engraved with the correct torque specs for the mounting bolt.

    The Oil Center can be used as part of a complete gauge package or simply as a decorative piece to dress up the engine compartment of your E36 323i, 325i, M3, M Roadster/Coupe, and many other BMW models with conventional oil canister cap. It comes pre-tapped with two 1/8 NPT ports complete with plugs.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Why use 1/8 NPT ports?
    A. By using 1/8 NPT ports, there are a wider variety of gauges and sending units available to use. For example, you can use many gauges from VDO, Autometer, Intelletronix, etc because of this common sender size. Additionally, this sender size is generally less expensive than their metric counterparts (if they exist).

    Q. What cars does this fit?
    A. It fits E36 325s, M3s (3.0 and 3.2L) and M Roadster/Coupe. It does not fit '96-99 328 as it is designed to replace the metal oil filter housing cap which uses the through bolt to secure it.

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    Eurosport High Performance EvoII Carbon Fiber Conforti Intake System - $389

    CAI Components

    E36 M3 CAI

    M-Roadster CAI

    E46 330i CAI

    E39 CAI

    Because the Ultimate Driving Machine deserves the Ultimate in Engineered High Performance Upgrades, no expense is spared in producing the strongest, lightest, and most powerful shielded intake systems on the market. Eurosport's intake systems are made from the finest materials and manufacturing processes available. This means that the intake pipes are made from multi-layered compression molded carbon fiber, instead of the heavy steel pipe typically found in most low quality intake systems. Compression molded carbon fiber is lighter, stronger, and has a heat transfer coefficient that is 50 times lower than that of steel.

    Having the best shielded intake system on the market also means that Eurosport's intake shields are made from multi-layered e-glass composite material, instead of die-cut/tin-snipped aluminum sheet metal. It is important to note that e-glass composite has a heat transfer coefficient that is 100 times lower than that of aluminum. This means that e-glass composite is a superior heat shield material than aluminum. A final benefit is that the fit and articulation of a molded e-glass heat shield is significantly more complete when compared to die-cut/tin-snipped aluminum heat shields.

    Eurosport High Performance now offers a handmade carbon fiber heat shield as a $130 option for any of their intake systems. This carbon fiber heat shield looks great and performs just as well as the standard black finsh. Please specify the carbon shield when ordering your intake system.


    Conforti Performance Chips / Software - FREE SHIPPING

    '96-'00 Shark Injector

    '01+ Shark Injector

    Tuned engine performance chips, developed by Motronic expert Jim Conforti, provide the ultimate in performance. The modified Motronic software, optimized for 91 or higher octane gasoline, adjust the ignition timing and fuel curves which results in increased performance. Jim Conforti chips have been compared to other brands and consistantly provide the best performance throughout the entire rpm range. Along with performance increases in both torque and horsepower, Jim Conforti chips provide the maximum competitive advantage through raised engine rev-limits and removed top speed limiters.

    Due to the variances in individual vehicle mechanical component condition and the effect of tolerance stacking, your individual vehicle performance results may vary from the performance results listed on this page.

    Cars produced from 1996 onwards (OBDII cars) require flash reprogramming via the Shark Injector™, a do-it-yourself engine software programming tool.

    Software options for the '96-99 M3/MZ3 are:
    - Stage 3: Requires Schrick cams, 24# injectors, M50 intake manifold, 3.5" HFM
    - Stage 4: Requires all Stage 3 upgrades plus performance exhaust headers

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    Installed Mods (For Software Only)-
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