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Stromung E36 32X/M3

Stromung E36 32X/M3

Stromung Dual 76mm Tips

Staggered Tips

Stomung 318ti Exhaust

Stomung E92 M3 Exhaust

Stromung Z4 System

M3 Stomung Exhaust Videos:
M3 on the Dyno (10.9MB)
M3 Driving By (7.9MB)
M3 Behind (12.0MB)
M3 Revving Up (1.9MB)
M3 Parking Lot (4.4MB)
M3 In Car (8.2MB)

318ti Stromung Exhaust Videos:
318ti Driving By (3.6MB)
318ti Driving By (1.9MB)
318ti In Car (3.7MB)
318ti Behind (6.2MB)

Stromung makes some of the finest BMW exhaust systems available. All stainless steel construction, light weight (E36 32X/M3 is only 24lbs), great fit and an awesome deep exhaust tone. Agressive sound at wide open throttle, but tame while cruising with none of the annoying drone that plagues so many BMW performance exhausts. Shipping is $50.

E36 325 / 328 / M3 Stromung Exhaust
Dyno proven 6rwhp gain over a stock E36 M3 muffler. System is a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust with no cutting or welding necessary. Available with either staggered dual 76mm tips or equal length dual 76mm tips. Staggered tips are similar to the stock E36 M3, the left tip is 5/8" shorter than the right tip to follow the curve of the M3 rear diffuser panel.

Tips Style -
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E36 318ti Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust with no cutting or welding necessary. Mini Cooper S hangers can be used for a higher fit on cars with the "sport" rear bumper. Single 83mm tip.

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E46 323 / 328 Stromung Exhaust
System is not a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust, some simple cutting is necessary. Dual 76mm tips.

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E30 325i / is Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust with no cutting or welding necessary. Dual 76mm tips.

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E30 M3 Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust, includes new SS clamps. Dual 76mm tips.

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Z3 M Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on for Z3 M-Coupes and roadsters. Quad 76mm tips.

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Z4 M-Roadster/Coupe Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on dual muffler exhaust, fits '06-'08 Z4 M models. Quad 76mm tips.

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E92 M3 Stromung Exhaust
System is a direct bolt-on for 2008+ M3 coupes and cabrios. Quad 89mm tips.

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'03-'05 Z4 Stromung Exhaust
Fits '03-'05 2.5i and 3.0i Z4s. System is not a direct bolt-on cat-back exhaust, some simple cutting is necessary. Dual 76mm tips.

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UUC Exhaust Systems

The all-new RSC36 is the absolute best performance exhaust system for '92-'99 M3, 328, 325 models (not for Compact/Ti). It is a full dual cat-back design, however the RSC36 is unique in that CORSA Performance was engaged to design and manufacture the exhaust. Thanks to this unique partnership, the RSC36 is available exclusively through UUC.

CORSA is one of the largest automotive and high-end marine exhaust tuning companies in the USA with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Ohio and a patented, proprietary technology called Reflective Sound Cancellation™. CORSA consults to General Motors, Ford and Daimler-Chrysler and carries the title of "official licensed product" on its GM aftermarket exhaust systems.

The result of the UUC and CORSA partnership is a drone-free exhaust system, delivering a pleasant sound at idle and cruise and a muscular roar at high rpm. Test vehicles for this development program included the M3 automatic, whose transmission programming "lugs" the engine at low rpm, resulting in a high potential for drone. CORSA tuned the RSC36 specifically to counter that situation and the results are impressive.

Reflective Sound-Cancellation™ (RSC™) - a non-electrical noise control system without the complication of incorporating the use of electronics or speakers. Essentially, engine sound (pressure) waves are reflected in passages inside the muffler to cancel out unwanted sound waves. The result is a "tuned" muffler that "cleans up" the noise without eliminating the pure sound of power associated with a high-performance vehicle. Using this Corsa technology, the stainless steel Corsa Performance line of mufflers are tuned to eliminate passenger cabin resonance and produce just the "right" sound.

The RSC36 is fully emissions-legal in all 50 states. Construction enhancements include 100% mandrel-bent pipes, TIG-welded seams, and true bolt-on installation (no cutting or welding required). Many statutory bodies around the world currently mandate that vehicles comply with stationary exhaust noise tests specifications - Generally based upon the "SAE J1169 Measurement of Light Vehicle Exhaust Sound Level under Stationary Conditions". California and various other states now have legislation that makes exceeding this limit an offense, resulting in a "fix it" ticket and required testing certification. RSC36 has been certified to meet the SAE J1169 sound test for 95dB noise limits. The test involves positioning a type 1, SIA compliant ANSI S1.4 - 1983 noise level meter. Positioning is relevant, the tests are extremely specific in their scope and must be conducted under controlled conditions.

What are the important specs?

  • Mandrel-bent, dual 2.25" pipes, 100% 304 stainless steel, seamless weld silencers
  • complete "cat-back" system, simple bolt-on to existing factory flanges
  • dual polished, staggered, angle-cut ROUND tips
  • all polished, double-wall tips (not shown inpicture) have UUC logo engraved on side
  • "Italian-esque" sound, very quiet at cruising rpm
  • UUC E36 RSC36
    Fits the following models:

  • '92 - '99 E36 325/328/M3

  • Tips Finish -
    Price >

    UUC E36 System-U v.2 Round Tips
    Fits the following models:

  • '92 - '99 E36 325/328/M3

  • Price >

    UUC E36 System-U v.2 DTM Tips
    Fits the following models:

  • '92 - '99 E36 325/328/M3
  • Price >

    UUC RSCE92M3
    Corsa RSCE92M3 exhaust for 2008+ M3 models Fits the following models:

  • 2008+ E90/E92/E93 M3
  • Body Style -
    Tips Finish -
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